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Apple Hits Trillion-Dollar Market Cap Once Again, But Will This be the Final Time?

Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world, and that they have over a billion devices in use across the globe is all you need to see the truth in this. But if you’re not convinced, how about the fact that the company made this announcement three years ago?

Since then, they have launched a host of other awesome products, so you can just imagine how many more are in the hands of their loyal customers. The thing with Apple is that they hardly ever disappoint, and they recently held their yearly iPhone launch on September 10.

With it followed a market cap of $1 trillion, thanks to the company’s share price closing at $223.59 on September 11, that being an increase of over 2%.

August 2018

If you’re surprised about the $1 trillion mark, then you must have missed the first time the company achieved this impressive feat, that being in August 2018. However, disappointing sales in China (one of Apple’s largest markets) from December through January led to a decrease in stock price, but they’re back where they belong.

Disappointing sales in China led to a decrease in market price.

And it so seems that it pays to be in the tech industry, as Apple isn’t the only company with such a high market cap. In fact, Microsoft has an even higher one, with its figure standing at $1.04 trillion. Wow!

So, what is it that the company launched that made its stock price shoot to the roof? If you’re a fan, they you already know that they released the iPhone 11 with the Pro and Pro Max variants, and to the delight of millions across the globe, they come with a price cut.

The company also launched new iPad models, and the Apple Watch wasn’t left behind either. However, the iPhone still remains their most sought after product. Social media was and still is awash with memes about this latest version, and isn’t that how you know your product has been accepted by the masses nowadays?

$50 Cheaper

And although the phone has already been launched, its release date is slated for September 20. The silver lining is that you can preorder it, and remember that price cut? The phone is $50 cheaper than the iPhone XR, its predecessor.

The iPhone 11 comes $50 cheaper than its predecessor

For customers in the US, the phone also comes with a full year’s Apple TV Plus subscription, and with the shows the company has lined up for us, consumers will be more than grateful for this. Netflix does really need to watch out, don’t you think?

The latest iPhone comes with 12 months of Apple TV Plus free subscription

With the popularity of the iPhone, you better believe that for the next year millions will be into Apple’s streaming platform, and 12 months is a long time to convince one to switch allegiances.

And don’t forget that Disney also has Disney+ lined up, so it’ll be pretty interesting to see how they all compete in the market. Any takers for Apple TV Plus to take them all on? Time will tell though. Let’s just wait.

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