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Clever Ways to Save Money Without Giving Up Your Social Life

In the life we are living, we cannot overemphasize the importance of saving. There is a need to save money to be prepared for the future. At the same time, you cannot become antisocial just because you are saving for the future. Once in a while, you need to go out with your friends and have fun. But how can you balance the two? We’ve got you covered! We present to you some clever ways to save money without giving up your social life.

“Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.”—Sophia Amoruso

 Don’t Order for an Eentrée

Dinner and such meals are often expensive, so you will be draining your budget if you keep ordering for them every night you go out with your friends. Instead, order for snacks, desserts, or appetizers. They are relatively less costly by up to 20-25% compared to an eentréeFurthermore, most snacks and appetizers come in large portions that can sate 2-3 people. You should inform your friends to order for the same. It will make you feel like there’s literally food everywhere to munch on without draining your budget!

 Drink Booze at Home First 

If you want to take a drink at a bar, drink some at home before you head out. This might seem counter-intuitive because there is no reason for you to go to a bar if you have already had something at home. However, this practice will help you save money. The concept behind this trick is to drink less at the bar seeing that all the alcoholic drinks on sale there are bloody expensive. If you still want to drink when you arrive at the bar, you can opt for a drink or two instead of buying many beers. 

 Shop Second Hand

Shopping for supplies is a necessity, but do you really have to shop for a brand when there are high-quality generic items that are of a reasonable price? You don’t have to. Instead of shopping for branded goods, shop at a generic store. If anything, second-hand shops items are far cost-friendly than brand new items. You just have to be extra-patient to find the right items in great condition despite its preloved state.

 Carry your Own Emergency Snacks Wherever You Go

This is one of the most effective saving tips that you should apply in your life. Wherever you go, always carry emergency snacks with you. These may be a pile of fruits, almonds, homemade sandwiches, or even pancakes.The trick is that when you feel hungry—whether you’re in the office or not—you will not be tempted to go to the cafeteria to buy expensive and unhealthy snacks. 

If you are on a drive and hunger pangs bite, you won’t be tempted to drive to a fast food outlet. The same applies when you are with your friends in a movie theater. This mostly helps you to cut your spending. 

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