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Most Expansive Items Ever Sold on Pawn Stars – Take A Deep Breath !

Are you a fan of Pawn Stars? The popular reality show follows the daily life of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a place known all over the globe. Clients come into the shop with items they’ve inherited from a grandparent or something they’ve found hidden in the attic. Sometimes, these turn out to be worthless, but other times they are enough to fill your bank account! The experts judging the antiques are Richard Harrison – known as “Old Man” Harrison, his son and grandson – Rick and Cory Harrison, and Austin Russell – nicknamed Chumlee. The team is brilliant at estimating the true value of the items, and they’ll recognize real gold when they see it! Yet sometimes, they do make some mistakes – they’re only human after all. Let’s take a look at their biggest wins – and fails!

Shipwreck Bell 1602

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A woman came in with this bell, looking to get a little bit of extra money as she was moving to a new home. She didn’t think this item would be worth much but thought she could always try. When the team asked an expert to help them assess the item, it turned out to be actually an old bell from the Dutch East India Trading Company! The bell probably ended up in America after a shipwreck in the 17th century. With a value of $15K, the woman clearly made a good decision in bringing in the valuable item.

Do you have any old coins lying around? They might be worth more than you think!

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