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Here’s How Robert De Niro’s Divorce Will Affect His $500 Million Net Worth

Don’t you just hate it when divorce becomes ugly? I always wonder how toxic a relationship gets for a couple who couldn’t have enough of each other to end up not standing the sight of their partner.

This is almost the case for legendary actor Robert De Niro, who is currently at the heart of divorce proceedings. The actor and his estranged wife are splitting up, and it isn’t the most amicable of splits

After years of marriage, this couple is calling it quits

A 2004 Prenup

The thorn of it all comes from a prenup De Niro had Grace Hightower sign way back. The 2004 agreement, according to the actor’s lawyer, entitles her to an apartment worth $6 million, half a million dollars in cash, payments totaling to $1 million annually, and half of their home’s value.

However, Hightower and her lawyer are challenging the prenuptial agreement, stating that she deserves a lot more than its current provisions. As judge Matthew Cooper put it, Hightower believes that she deserves 50% of De Niro’s fortune.

According to her lawyer, the actor is now worth $500 million. Hightower also accuses De Niro of being a dishonest partner, saying that he kept her out of the loop when it came to his business ventures. She, additionally, claimed that he kept his earnings secret, demeaning her status as an equal party in their relationship.

For this, Hightower wants a piece of everything the actor has earned since they officiated their union in 2004. According to her, De Niro has appeared in 38 movies since they got married, and has been involved in a minimum of 35 businesses. Among the man’s entrepreneurial ventures include the Greenwich Hotel and the restaurant empire he built with Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Chef Nobu and De Niro started a restaurant empire

Judge Cooper, however, believes that both De Niro and Hightower should try and reach an agreement before he can deliver a ruling.

Financially Well Up

That Hightower is asking for more from her divorce shouldn’t mislead you into thinking that she isn’t financially well up. Reports indicate that she is worth at least $16 million, thanks to her ventures in the coffee business and her seat on the Coffee Alliance board.

The couple has two children together, a son and a daughter named Elliot and Helen respectively. De Niro has publicly asked for privacy in this period of transition in his family, terming the change as a constructive process, despite the fact that it is difficult.

Interestingly, there has been word on the street that the couple’s divorce may be politically motivated. Grace Hightower is pro-Trump while De Niro throws shade on Mr. President left, right, and center. The actor is so against the current POTUS that he attended, and gave a speech, at an anti-Trump 2017 rally in NYC.

Robert De Niro loves trolling President Trump

It’s such a sad eventuality having politics break up a marriage if it is indeed true. Their romance blossomed slowly but surely, with the two not wishing to rush into anything.

They dated for ten years before deciding to get married, and they’ve had their ups and downs. That they always seemed to get through it gave many of us hope, but it seems that they are now ready to go their separate ways.

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