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Tom Brady Sparks Retirement Rumors After Putting His Brooklyn Mansion for Sale

At 42, the Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady is still a force to reckon with. Considered by most fans, pundits, and fellow sportsmen to be the greatest of all time, the man sure does have the stats to back this claim up.

With his age, fans are understandably dreading a time when Brady will hang up his boots and announce his retirement. Rumors that the day has finally dawned keep surfacing, especially when the man makes some big money moves.

They decided to list the Brookline mansion

Brookline Mansion for Sale

The recent wave of rumors was sparked by the decision by the athlete and his wife to list their Brookline mansion, a move that many saw as one made in preparation for retirement. For an asking price of $39.5 million, who wouldn’t think that he was after a handsome retirement package?

And the fact that he intends to sell the house then move to New York added more fuel to the fire. Why would Brady want to leave Massachusetts yet his team is based in Foxborough? Looking at all the pieces of this puzzle, you’d get why the listing created so much retirement buzz.

But as it turns out, Brady isn’t ready to leave the field just yet. In a recent interview in Boston, the athlete told his fans that it’s hardly the time to worry about his retirement, and they shouldn’t read too much into the sale of his house.

Brady has an amazing relationship with Kraft

He actually acknowledged that given the price he had listed the mansion at, it could probably take a while to get it off his hands, so he isn’t in any particular rush. And while at it, the athlete made sure to remind everyone that he loves playing for his team, and that he has an amazing relationship with its owner and chairman Robert Kraft, the coach Bill Belichick, and the rest of his teammates.

As for his listed mansion, TMZ report that it is worth every dollar of its hefty asking price, with the tabloid describing it as one of the best golf courses in Massachusetts. That’s some accolade, don’t you think?

Five Acres of Awesomeness

With the property spanning at least five acres, the main house features five bedrooms and even more baths, seven in total. Being an athlete’s home, would it be complete without a gym? Of course not, and that’s why there’s one.

Seven acres of awesomeness

It also seems that Brady and his wife are keen on watching what they ingest, as evidenced by the vegetable garden they have in their backyard. Everything they grow out there is organic, and coupled with regular work outs at the gym, it would be safe to assume that their bodies are well taken care of.

Guests are also very well catered for at this residence, with a spacious separate guest house. By spacious, we mean large enough to accommodate its own yoga studio. Fancy much? Friends of the family who are yoga enthusiasts must have loved being hosted by the Bradys J

Now that the property is on the market, let them hope that he’ll get an even more exquisite place. Is there any doubt about it anyway? Tom Brady has got bank, as it tends to be the case if you’ve been in the NFL for as long as he has.

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