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Warren Buffett Is Extremely Impressed by Alex Rodriguez for This Surprising Reason

For Warren Buffett to heap praises on an individual, they must have REALLY impressed him. Now imagine what Alex Rodriguez must be feeling, as he was recently on the receiving end of the billionaire’s praise.

A-Rod has a powerful mentor in Warren Buffett

The world’s third richest man serves as A-Rod’s mentor, and although the former baseball pro credits his success to Buffett’s guidance, the CEO says that the young man (A-Rod is 43, Buffett is 88) does not need him.

Brilliant Mind

According to Buffett, Alex has quite the brilliant mind, and he just gets everything money or business related. Are we being put on notice for bigger things to come? Maybe A-Rod is working on how to transform his $300 million net worth to $1 billion! Surely the world could accommodate one more billionaire, right?

Just last month, the former athlete agreed to a tell-all Sports Illustrated sit-down, where he laid bare the triumphs and challenges of his sports career before delving into his business ventures.

The 2014 suspension must be by far the greatest setback A-Rod faced in his career, spending an entire season on the sidelines for alleged drug use. At the time, the athlete released a statement professing his innocence, but served his suspension all the same.

Surely the world could accommodate one more billionaire

After retiring, the star slugger focused all of his concentration on A-Rod Corp, an investment company he founded. However, he still hasn’t completely left the sports industry behind as he occasionally appears on Fox and ESPN as an analyst.

All the same, it doesn’t take a genius to decipher that he is now more into business, given the number of times he has been spotted in the company of Warren Buffett recently.

Anyone lucky enough to spend time with the multibillionaire would surely be in awe, and A-Rod is no different. Taking to social media, the upcoming magnate shared an image of the both of them enjoying a treat, definitely at Buffett’s expense. Aren’t you in the very least envious?

Two Decades and Counting

The two men first met almost two decades ago, when Buffett insured a percentage of the baseball player’s Texas Rangers contract worth $252 million.

A-Rod signed with Texas Rangers in 2000

A young A-Rod was 25 at the time, and he thought it wise for him to meet Warren. Consequently, he emailed the man’s assistant requesting for a meeting, and what do you know, his request was granted!

Speaking to Sports Illustrated about A-Rod, Warren Buffett revealed that the man was smart enough to distinguish between true friends and promoters. Most athletes, according to Warren, get played by their agents, but that would never happen to Alex.

Right from the start, the billionaire noticed that the player had a knack for sensing who was legit and who was playing him. If he carries over this trait to the business world (if he hasn’t already), there surely will be no stopping him!

Thus far, A-Rod has made a name for himself in the real estate business, especially after founding the successful Monument Capital Management. The fact that he’s been on Shark Tank as a guest investor should be evidence enough that he’s on the right track, don’t you think?

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